The best service starts at just $16.50

The best service at affordable prices. 30 minute walks cost $16.50 and even better value, 45 minute sessions cost $22 with a full hour for $28.  These are not pack walks and there is no minimum walks per week.  We are insured, bonded and licensed. As we don't walk in groups, we can focus on your dog and train and play each week for their needs. 

For a multi dog family the price is $27 for 30 minutes, $33 for 45 minutes and $40 for the whole hour. No hidden extras and no 5 walks per week requirement!

When we arrive at your home we "log in" by scanning a barcode, sending you an email notification.  When the walk finishes we "log out", automatically sending you a second email complete with photos and a route map!  Our clients love this!

On the walk we will undertake basic obedience training amidst the fun and play and once a week we will gently brush your dog - they love that. All walks are on leash and we never take your dog to dog parks!