Overnight dog sitting for just $55

Overnights ensure your dog is happy at your home, being cared for and getting normal exercise, food  and sleep. In addition we are scooping poop, watering your plants, bringing in the mail and caring for your other pets.  Additional dogs at no extra charge! 

Many of our clients prefer to have a dog sitter come stay in their home when they leave town since it is least stressful for both the owner and the dog. 

Here are some reasons to choose overnight pet care in your home instead of board them away from home:

Our dog sitter is the same price as many overnight dog kennels if you ask them to take your dog fora walk versus leaving your dog in a cage.  If you have 2 dogs, this is a fantastic offer as the second dog is free!

Your dog will be most comfortable and relaxed in their home with consistent routine and habits

Boarding away from home can expose your dog to illness, injury, and stress

Your dog will be cared for by a dog-walker whom they trust and have an established relationship with. Your walker knows your dog best and will be familiar with the home environment already

Your other pets that cannot be boarded (such as fish, birds, etc.) also get care while you’re away

House-sitting is part of the package so your mail, packages, and plants will also be attended to. This means less worry while you're away and stress when you return!

Peace of mind so that you can relax while you’re away knowing that your dog is safe and comfortable.