What is the free Meet-n-Greet?

At a time that is convenient for you, Robin or Rob will visit you and your dog in your home.  Our goal is simple, we want your dog to have an enjoyable and safe experience with us.

We find that each of our clients and their dogs have their own specific needs.  We'll learn about you and your dog. We’ll cover things like when and how often you would like your dog walked, games and toys your dog likes and does not like, equipment you like to use on a walk.  We will need to know where you keep your dog’s leash, etc.

We’ll discuss things you’d like us to help with such as training (yes, that’s part of our service), brushing tools you use or would like us to use (yes, that’s also part of the service), and  any health or medical needs your dog has.  We’ll ask if you want us to fill water bowls when we leave (again, that’s part of our service). As we talk, we’ll be taking notes and making sure that you and your dog get the very best experience possible.

There’s also the boring, but important, details like your contact and payment information as well as your vet’s contact information.  

We will also be playing with your dog and going for a free, introductory walk together.  This will give us a chance to bond with your dog so that he/she is comfortable during our first visit when you are away. 

Finally, we’ll discuss a schedule for your walks.

The meet-n-greet is free with no obligations and should take about an hour.