Ashley joins our team in Dublin

Ashley joined us in November and walks dogs in the Dublin & Livermore area. She spent years as a professional dog groomer where she learned how to “read” dog body language skillfully and gained experience with a multitude of dog breeds and temperaments.


Ashley also has previous experience with walking and pet sitting so she made a very smooth transition to professional dog walking with Pupwalks! Ashley is warm and friendly and is a natural “dog person”.

Here she is with Hogan and Hagen, two loving and entertaining Labrador youngsters we walk in Livermore. 

Shelli joins us in Hayward

Please meet Shelli! She walks in Hayward and lots of positive energy and enthusiasm with her dogs. Shelli has a yellow lab named Bella, who is like her child (really, just ask her). For years, Shelli had needed a dog walker to take Bella out while she was working long hours.


She knows what it's like to be worried about your dogs needs while your away and how important it is to have someone you trust taking care of your furkids for you. Shelli is so empathetic with people and dogs, it's wonderful to have her on the team. 

Heres she's walking Papi, a big loveable lab mix who has a penchant for bouncing balls 🏀😆

Puppy love

We visit your home twice during the day to provide potty breaks, play and mental stimulation.  The timing of the visits depend upon you.  If you leave for work at 8am and return at 5pm we'll be at your home at about 11am and 2pm meaning pup never has more than 3 hours alone. 

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Sylvia joins our team

Please welcome Sylvia! She joined us last month and is loving her new dog-centered lifestyle. She walks in Pleasanton and makes friends with all she meets. She is pictured here with Roxy, and adorable little Pomeranian mix, who was rescued from Taiwan.

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Big Dawg rescue wins our latest donation

Big Dawgs Rescue is a non-profit that was founded by Joanne Rivero in Livermore and has placed thousands of dogs into loving homes since 2009. They are a foster home based rescue and rely on donations to fund their rescue efforts. They are currently aspiring to secure their own facility to help even more dogs and expand their efforts. 

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